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Things to Keep in Mind While You're in Turks and Caicos Island 

When do things close ?

Most Supermarkets Close Between 9-10 p.m.


Most Bars/ clubs end Between 12-2 a.m

Clothing/ Utility/ Supply Stores Close Between



In the Case of an accident, you must not flee the scene. Call the police  officers and make a police report, then notify us afterwards   


It is reconmended that you have cell service while you'r out and about.


Car in Turks do not have GPS system in them.


We Provide maps in Rentals or download a mapping app on your phone 


Parking is free most places in providenciales.


Beware of valuables left in vehicle parked in unkown areas.


Do not leave cars unattended while running 

Driving on The Left 

You must beware of roundabouts and Don't be distracted. Allow extra time before switching lanes and take it easy ​

Cell Service

You Should have a  cell service Plan before Coming to Turks.


Most People have this experience when they arrive to the islands.


Verify with your telephone service provider.

Activities, Places and Things To See

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