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  • Can I Request a Car Delivery Service?
    Yes you can, at no extra cost. If you coctact us at our office number, we can arrange for a car to be delivered to your Villa, Hotel or House. Renters usually get their car at the international airport. We understand that you might be tired, hungry or sleepy.
  • Is It Possible to Get an Extention on my Rental Vehicle?
    Yes its possible to do so, just send us an email or give us a call and we'll make the adjustments.
  • What are the Requirements to rent a Vehicle with Bolt?
    To rent a vehicle, you must be 25 year old and over. A valid and up to date drivers license is also required . We make it easy and simply and getting your car only takes 7 minutes or less.
  • Should I Apply for Fast Track?
    Yes you should apply for the fast track service that is listed on the website. It have all the crucial components for the contract agreement when you arrive. A Fast track link is automatically sent to customers email address after making a reservation. FAST TRACK IS FREE Not Seeing it? ( Please Check Junk or Spam folder in your email) Need to Apply ? Click The Link Please Note !!!! If customers failed to apply for fast track, bolt rent a car is not responsible, liable or accountable for not fulfilling the reservation for that day the customer arrives. There Will be No Deduction
  • I have a Canadian driver's license, will it work on the island?
    You can. Once your driver's license has an address And It is up-to-date.Please note that you must be 25 years and older to rent a car from us
  • What If My flight Is Late or Delayed After Closing Hours
    We will wait for you even if your flight is late or delayed after our closing time
  • Should I Leave My Car Unlock When Not In Use?
    It is recommended to leave your car unlock and without leaving the key in the car. Don't leave valuables in yourcar. Theft is infrequent, it is better and less costly, to have a thief open your door and find nothing than to break a window and find the same.
  • When do I pay for my car after making a reservation?
    You pay for your car when your picking it up. We don't accept payments online.
  • What if My Credit Card has Insurance (RENTAL INSURANCE)?
    If Your Credit Card Has Rental Insurance, you Must Delince Our Insurance. (Note) If there is any damages sustained to the vehicle during the renting period you will still be charge. We will have to prepare a bill for your Credit Car issuer So that they will reimburst you. The estimate for that damages usually takes 1-3 days
  • Do you accept debit cards?
    We accept debit cards but, you'll have accept our collision Damage Waiver (CDW)
  • Do We hold a Deposit?
    Yes we do. There is a deposit of $500. The Security Desposit is returned when you return the rental vehicle intact and no policies are voided. It Usually Take 1-2 days for the deposit amount to appear in your credit statement.
  • Can my rental amount and deposit be charged on separate cards?
    Yes, it can be charged on separate credit cards. Please do note that deposit usually take 24-48 hours to return back to the renter’s account
  • Do Bolt rent a Car Provide Rental Collison Damage Insurance?
    Yes we provide CDW. Collision & Damage Waiver (CDW) is an optional damage coverage available whilst the vehicle is under rental agreement. CDW is not an insurance, but is a waiver between the renter and the company, that the company waives the right to charge the renter for valid collision or damage to the vehicle provided the vehicle is used accordance with the rental agreement. It Starts At $15 Daily
  • When or Where Should I Return My Car?
    t's recommended to be at the Airport two hours before your flight. If your not catching a flight to leave island, you can leave your car at the airport parking lot and we'll pick it up. You'll have to notify us after doing so.
  • Should I Return The Car Back With Gas?
    Yes you should return the vehicle to the same level that you got it on. if you don't, charges for fuel will be apply.
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